The planting campaign

One hundred trees were planted on the CBO property. Coloured Akashas, which later bloom in all colors and provide shade as well as fruit trees like oranges, mango and avocados. Who among us will see the blossoms and harvest the fruit in 25 years? The refectory/canteen will offer the home-grown fruits and vegetables and be … mehr lesen

First well for Chipokolo

It was a shock for us when we saw the water hole from which the people in Chipokolo drew their drinking water. However, it took more than a year before we were able to help them. Thanks to the support of the Irene and Friedrich Vorwerk Foundation, we were able to finance the construction of … mehr lesen

New YOOW presentation

The better known we become in Malawi, the more inquiries we receive: village communities ask for well construction, young people ask for support for vocational training. Tuition fees cost between 250, – to 600,- Euro per semester, depending on what is at stake and where the education has to take place. We would like to … mehr lesen

The water tower

Next to the pump house we have built a water tower. On its plateau at a height of 6.2m is a 5000 liter tank. Above it are solar panels that supply the electricity for the pump. The pump is located at a depth of 37m and lifts the water over the 45m to fill the … mehr lesen

Our thanks to a donor

It was a big surprise when my physiotherapist, to whom I reported on the couch about the trip to Malawi the day after next, pressed a few bills into my hand when I left. In the village, the word was that Coretta could no longer work on the CBO-board because her husband was ill. I … mehr lesen

The CBO – Training

In Chiuno Village, where there is no running water and no electricity, dealing with a legal form is also a new challenge. The Community Based Organization corresponds to a non-profit association in Germany. Here, as there, the members and their boards are subject to a set of rules according to legal requirements. The Social Welfare … mehr lesen

Cleaning day in Chiuno Village

Early in the morning of October 18, the people went out with bags to collect the plastic and other waste lying around. It did not take long until more than 40 big bags were full and the village looked pretty and tidy. Of course, the event was celebrated afterwards. For the future, the Village community … mehr lesen

The Pump House

The first structure on the Chiuno CBO site is the pump house. It serves to protect the borehole and well. Later, the distribution for the property will be installed in it. The next structure will be the water tower.

Malawi and Corona

For a long time, Africa was spared from the pandemic. Now it seems to have arrived (Der Tagesspiegel on 23.04.2020). The entry ban has been in place for a long time, so our plans were also moot. The planned lockdown is now pending in court because the population has massively resisted. There will be no … mehr lesen

Start of construction in winter 2019

After a successful deep drilling, the water supply is secured. A pump house was built to protect the borehole, and the distribution system for the site will then be installed there. The water tower and the supply building will follow next. This will house the solar power supply and an office for the management.