Our project in Malawi

Besides the many details of our work, we should finally give the readers of this blog an overview. The centerpiece is the Chitete Primary School and a kindergarten. Included in the school, which has eight classrooms, is a library building, which will also house the headmaster’s office, a cafeteria and the teachers’ houses. For the little ones there is a playground, for the students a sports field. The canteen will use home-grown fruit and vegetables and offer varied, healthy food. Events will also take place in the hall, which can be enlarged to the outside. In the afternoons, evenings it can be a meeting place also for seniors.

Additionally on the site is the Energy Providing & Management Building, an office for project management and meeting space for the CBO board. Other buildings are the training workshops (especially for women to start their own business) and the doctor’s house (Clinic).

The whole property is reforested, offers shade trees in all colors. There is a vegetable garden and all kinds of fruit trees. Everything together is then called Chiuno Cultural Center.

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